Power words

As every person longs for a certain gift.
A gift of happiness, a gift of intelligence, peace or wealth.

As power words are mantra's and by speech give their grace.

The following power words are in religious sense prayers
about certain supporting virtues.

Sat Chit Ananda enlarges the reality, the intelligence and happiness

Aham Brahmasmi, Give the radiance of the Creator..

Ohm Parama Prema, Gives the love of a child unto its father.

Ohm Shanti, A peacefull intention for world-peace

de mantra: Ohm , gives oneness with the Creator

Langere krachtwoorden zijn:

Ohm Chaturmukhaya vidmahe
Hamsarudraya dhimahi
Tanno Brahma Prachodayat.

Ohm Narayanaya vidmahe
Vasudevaya dhimahi.
Tanno Vishnu prachodayat

As mantras or power words give their avail by speaking them,
And as speaking is reciting them and doing for 108 times a day
it gives a visible effect.

Use them with good intentions for the radiance is something,
in a way that is above our own human wishes.