Saving for a Solution

A life of misery,
A life of discontent,
A life of health problems.

Everyone sometimes deal with a life
not being happy, not filled with happiness.

Longing for a solution to suffering and pain,
Longing for a life full of good deeds, and good fame.
Wishing for a life with the grace of a higher force.

A savior promises to heal, protect and give wealth
A savior gives a chance for a better life.

I point towards the Creator for saving everyone.
The Creator, is not bound to sin, or crime.
The Creator, grants everyone the choice to Surrender to him.
The Creator gives a chance to make your life better,
without a price. without a prerequisite.

To reach that goal, to attain it is to speak this prayer,
or whispering it.

Creator i surrender to you.
Creator, i give my life to you.
Creator, in prayer a sacrifice myself to you.

If you pray it, it gives within a couple of weeks
a feeling that life changes.

The Creator, is himself the savior,
and thus not dependent on any human.
And because its a method for everyone to
save himself or herself, its not
bound to rules of sin or mercy.

So everyone longing for a better life,
just say the prayer, and if you don't dare
just say it.

If you have a life full of sin,
just in service to the Creator,
you enlarge your good deeds,
which neutralises anything done bad
when at the life-ordeal.
suppose every crime has to be paid by good deeds.

As the world is filled with good and evil people,
its the promise of the Creator that everyone who
surrenders will be used with all their abilities.
By which its not true that a lion will loose its teeth and claws.

For The Creator is source of everything.

Brahma, may thou protect me

To give your life to Brahma
as a living gift, to become
an instrument or property