Who is the Creator

Start the journey with a small step.
A step of asking who you are, who he is.

Start the journey with an intention
to reach a goal, a purpose, a feeling of happiness.

Start the journey to become happy,
with what you do, what you are.

If life is asking for different solutions,
If life is giving the hope for a better life.

The life of a good person, can be a purpose
when experiencing the troubles of a life.

A good person has a good side, being the source
of a life. a life full of good things.

As a question can be, Who is the Creator,
when someone wants to supercede a life.

The Creator, as being the source of reality,
the source of our earth, and the source of our universe.

The Creator, always is benevolent to
hear our prayers, hear our complaints,
our wishes and our own intentions.

The Creator, always listens with
a feeling of support and friendliness.

So a Creator, our Creator,
gives us the chance to open the path
of prayer, the communication between you
and Him, or Her.

The Creator, always gives prayers,
a good side, and a good answer.

Prayers about sins, are accepted too,
for everyone has a chance to get a relationship
with Him.

As the Creator made the earth and all its creatures.
From the fish, to the animals on the surface.
From the lion to the sheep,
from the snails to the zebra's

Every creature has its own place,
from predators to peaceloving animals
Als in our human world,
both good and bad people are being
born by his grace.
Except in his Creation everything has its right place.
as in the nature in the desert lions rule the world,

The Creator thus gives his chance for everyone,
both predator or peacefull creatures
to pray or to tell their wishes to Him.