Wisdom in speech

For the voice of a man is heard.
For the steps of a wise are followed.
For the sun shines upon us all.

As the grace is reason,
As the mercy bestows wisdom and virtues.

For wealth alone is not happiness.
For health alone is not happiness.

For peace is unto the earth and all
its inhabitants.

For a radiance of light is seen everywhere.

For the adepts will come from far away,
for a look on a bright side of life.

As the earth is a blessing for
the wise men.

Creation of good virtues
is a task above human ability.

For every religion is for
its own purpose.

To give friendliness,
is the purpose of loneless.

To heal others,
is to heal yourself.

For life is a chance
not given many times.

For in heaven do
live the angels.

For prayer is the method
to eat the bread of angels.

Give peace, to obtain.

Telling your wishes,
is a method for happiness.

Surrender, is the loving service
bound to three words.

For every right is owned by
many and everyone.

To buy wisdom,
is in the house of the wise.

To retrieve virtue
is in the house of the holy.

To obtain heaven,
is to start acting by.